Monitoring Your Home While On Vacation With A Video Surveillance System


Summer time is here in full force and families across America are taking the time during the school break to vacation at their favorite destinations. Often these vacations involve an extended week or two week stay at the beach, in the mountains, taking a cruise, or visiting some exotic location. With vacations bring stress of worrying about whether your home and valuables are safe.

One home security company has recently launched a new product that can significantly reduce the worry over your home allowing you to enjoy every aspect of your vacation whether it is sitting in the sun, jet skiing off the coast of Florida, fishing off the coast of Maine, or bird watching in Yellowstone Park. Many of America?s hotels have provided their customers with wireless Internet capabilities and computers to use in their common areas. If you can get Internet access, you can check on your home at any time with this video surveillance system. It?s the home security system that you can monitor and administer from anywhere in the world.

ADT is one of the leading providers of home security solutions. It has home security products in millions of homes across the world. This company has continued to remain on the cutting edge of security solutions for homes and businesses. Their home security product has integrated the pet-immune motion detectors, cellular communication capabilities, and wireless components for easy integration in any home. A video surveillance system for the home was a natural progression of their home security solutions.

ADT Safewatch VideoView Home Security Surveillance Equipment is filled with features that will be of interest to home users. This security system can be used with up to 12 cameras which can be placed inside the home or outdoors to give you complete coverage. ADT has also included an optional DVR package which can be used to record video footage from your home for replay at a later time. The benefit of a DVR recorder is that video can be played for authorities if someone has been wandering around your home or inside the home. It can help police to identify intruders quickly and easily.

All of the videos taken from your home are available on a web-based site that can be viewed from a computer, a cellular phone or a PDA which makes it the perfect choice to protect your home while you are vacationing. Video surveillance is considered the top deterrent in home security options. Using the web you can see what is currently happening at your home or replay video from an earlier time. With the digital video recorder capabilities you can record up to 30 days of video coverage.

Going on vacation should be a fun experience combined with relaxation and a peace of mind that your home will be safe while you are away. Thanks to ADT Safewatch VideoView you can now enjoy a worry free vacation.

Mobile Locksmiths


When you need a locksmith to come to your home or place of business, you’ll want one who has everything he needs to do the work right at his fingertips. One of the advantages of the Mobile Locksmith is he is available 24/7. He won’t have to travel to you to find out what you need, and then return to his shop to get the necessary tools. When he arrives he brought his business with him because he’s mobile. It’s like a large movable toolbox.

When you find yourself in need of a responsible and respected locksmith, the Mobile Locksmith will fill the bill. It takes many years for a person to get educated in the task of locksmith. That person needs to be licensed, bonded, and insured. He conducts his business in your business or home.

He does more than make keys. He will re-key all of your locks and make it easier for you to control who comes and goes in your business. You may have a business with a shop and you don’t want everyone to have access to your office. The Mobile Locksmith will make a couple of master keys that will unlock every lock, and re-key specific locks for other individuals. You’ll rest assured that when you’re not in your office, no one else is either.

The Mobile Locksmith will be able to advise you about your security. If you need outside lighting, he can do that too. When you lose your keys he will make a new key for you. Try doing that at the local hardware store where they only copy your existing keys.

If you have trouble having a stranger come to your business, check out the local Mobile Locksmith. Every good businessman has a list of references. Check him out, and make sure his licenses, bonds and insurance are all active. The Better Business Bureau is another place where you can check out the locksmith. Your best bet is to check him out in advance so when you need him, and you will, you’ll have his number available.

Have you ever had a key stuck in the ignition switch in your car? You don’t want to go all over with the keys available to anyone looking for a quick ride. Call the Mobile Locksmith – he can fix that as well. Expect to pay him for his time and travel, but you’ll be paying him for his knowledge and experience too.

A good Mobile Locksmith is worth his weight in gold. So treat him kindly for his job is to get you out of trouble, and he does it well.

Protect Your Family And Your Home


Have you ever stopped to think about how secure or accessible your home really is? After all, your home is where you and your family need to be safe from the daily stresses of life and definitely from crime.

Though many intrusions are non confrontational, have you ever wondered what would happen if you or someone in your family were home during a burglary? Most home burglaries occur during daytime hours, as this is the time many of us are away at work, at school, etc. In fact, if you think like a burglar, the first step in planning a break-in would be to figure out when home occupants would not be at home. To determine that, you would watch their daily routine. The next step would be to figure out how difficult gaining entry to the target house would be.

To make it as difficult as possible for a burglar to get into your home, consider how consistently or well the doors/windows are locked? Is there an alarm system or surveillance cameras? Burglars will preferably enter your home by either walking right thru an unlocked door or open window. If that?s not possible, tools will be used to break in or unlock the existing locks. At last resort, force will be used to gain entry. So let?s look at the initial steps in preventing a burglary.

Clearly, door and window locks are the homes initial barrier to be overcome by an intruder. Typically the garage and rear doors of the house are the weakest entry points, as well as first floor windows on the sides and rear of the home. These areas may also provide cover for the burglar. You will want to make sure your locks make it very difficult to gain entry. Use a solid core or metal door for all entry areas, a quality, heavy-duty, deadbolt lock with a one-inch throw bolt. For sliding glass doors, use blocking bars that can be inserted in the track to prevent the door from sliding open. Since windows are often left open during the summer months, blocking devices are necessary to keep the window from opening further than six inches. Certainly not wide enough to allow a burglar to reach in and unlock or remove the blocking device.

If an intruder does make it into your home via a door, broken window, etc. we suggest the arming of your home with an alarm system that is monitored and dispatched to police, or simply having a detection and sound alarm device designed to not only scare off an intruder but also warn anyone who may be home at the time.

Alarm yard signs and window decals are also a great deterrent, as well as the lighting in and around your home. We suggest using floodlights with motion sensors around the exterior of your home. In the interior, plug in timers on lights and appliances which will turn on automatically, to simulate people at home.

In addition, it a good idea to purchase a video surveillance system to further help deter and/or monitor home intrusions when you are not there. Today?s plug and play systems make it very easy to install and use. As an added level of security, remote access surveillance systems provide real time monitoring over the internet.

Guard Your Heating Oil Against Theft


As domestic heating oil prices continue to rise, the fuel stored in your tank is a valuable commodity and it can become atempting target for thieves. Oil theft is on the increase and as winter comes on its common to see stories in the press about oil being stolen, especially in rural areas. The theft itself isn’t the only problem, thieves will often damage tanks whilststealing oil and this can lead to leakage and result in contamination of the surrounding soil which will need an expensive specialist clean up. The very fact that you’re using oil for heating means that you’re probably a little off the beaten track and may not have near neighbours. This presents potentially easy pickings for a thief but fortunately there are some simple steps you can take tohelp protect your fuel and ensure that your supply stays secure. Lock ’emup At the simplest level you can fit locks to your tank inspection covers and fillers. These are an effective deterrent and relatively inexpensive. A specially designed locking cap will be a little more costly but is likely to be more secure than apadlock as they’re not easily removed using a crowbar or bolt cutters. If your tank is located in an outbuilding make sure it’skept locked up at all times. Stay Hidden By their nature oil tanks tend to be large and easily seen and this makes them uniquely vulnerable. If your tank is visible from the road or a public footpath consider planting shrubs or erecting a fence so that passers-by can’t see it. Having security lighting near your tank is a strong deterrent too as criminals don’t like to be seen in their activity. You might also consider a security camera – even if it’s only a dummy – to provide a further deterrent. Raise the Alarm If you want a more sophisticated anti-theft solution there are alarms that can monitor the level in the storage tank and send out an alert when there’s a sudden drop. This can be used to trigger an audible alarm to scare away a thief or to send a signal to a remote receiver so that action can be taken. If the worst should happen then taking out insurance on your oil can cushion you from the pain of having your heating oilstolen. You can take out a specialist heating oil policy to ensure that you’re covered. Some household policies will cover heating oil but not all do so it pays to check your policy and take out extra insurance if necessary. Oil theft is a problem but by taking a few precautions you can ensure that you don’t fall victim to it and that your supplyremains secure this winter. With domestic heating oil prices rising it pays to become a fuel fighter and take steps to secure your oil against theft.

Water Damage Repair And Restoration


Water Damage is a large number of possible fatalities which are caused by interference of aqua. Water damage is any loss or devastation by which results in a smallest water spots on a plane to a very hazardous and catastrophic overflow. aqua interference may result in any attack of material or system by a very devastating process. These disastrous or destructive processes may involve rotting of wood, rusting of steel, delaminating of material and so on. Water damage may occur due to leak pipe lines, overflow in sinks, flooded basements, heavy rains, leak in the roof of a building, any trumped rivers or streams. Mainly water damages are divided into three categories: First is clean water, any damage by clean water like water pipeline leakage damage due to Grey aqua which is caused by containment such discharging from dishwashing, washing machines etc. And the last one is Black which is due to widely contaminated water which may come from sewage, ground surface, mold growth etc. Sudden pipe explosion and even a warm humid air may result in a mold Residential Damage Restoration is very effective process to restore an asset back to it’s previous loss condition after getting any type of damage by aqua intruding. aqua Damage Restoration may be easily achieved by use of mop or wet vacuum but only in case of low level damage. These methods fail when we face any aqua damage in the structural cavities. If such situations are not handled on time then such problems may produce any disastrous results. You might predict the affects from spoil damage by observing some signs like discoloration, splitting or breaking, warping or distortion. This is the time when restoration process is used and also the danger of health related problems also increases To repair damage and for Commercial Damage Restoration first locate the source of spoil leakage, then stop the source of spoil leakage if it’s possible. Just try any possible way to stop leakage. Whenever you face such situation always switch off all the electric connections of the building, because is a good conductor of electricity which may increase the risk of life. Try to remove as much as possible from the place by using mopping, wet or dry vacuum or any other way. Move all the stuff like bed, boxes, clothes everything from that place. Dry and wipe as much as possible from the surface of the building. Open windows and doors, heater, ac on maximum dry. To avoid the problem of discoloration or splitting, place a plastic or aluminium coat on the legs of furniture. Do not forget to call the spoil restoration specialist and the plumber. It would be great if you call your insurance adjustor also. You may also prevent damage by regular maintenance and awareness. Awareness and regular maintenance are mainly suggested by the repair and restoration specialists to prevent health problems, save your money and discomfort caused by water damage.

What You Need In An Outdoor Security Camera For Maximum Coverage


There are several important aspects you must consider before buying an outdoor security camera. Of utmost importance is the planning stage; how much area do you intend to cover and which areas are less likely to require monitoring.

Weather resistance is another vital factor in security camera systems. Most aren’t designed to withstand severe extremes in weather therefore pick the wrong type of camera and it could be like sending money down the drain.

– SSC-44B is a well priced unit with a host of features and specially designed for outdoor surveillance. It’s weatherproof features make it ideal for areas which may experience both spectrums of the weather scale. Features include:

– a digital still-frame imaging system
– passive infra red detector(PIR) motion sensor
– it has a invisible infrared illuminator built in
– is easy to use and set up

This unit comes attractively priced, around $350 without a monitor and is worth pursuing particularly if you don’t have a lot of experience with security cameras.

The Day/Night outdoor security camera from Smart Home has attracted a lot of interest. For starters, it’s designed for outdoor use so it will resist the elements with it’s corrosion resistant metal housing and sunshade housing.

It’s ability to provide high resolution pictures during the day in color and then revert to black and white when light is low combined with it’s effectiveness in low light areas make it ideal for outdoor surveillance. This camera unit can connect to either a TV or VCR and is perfect for a domestic home or business. It’s capacity to see up to 25 feet in night conditions is another feature. It’s very attractively priced at under $200.

Did You Know?

Outdoor security cameras have come a long way. Formerly with no iris control, nowadays cameras have progressed to the stage where they are fitted with a feature that acts like an iris and can control how much light enters the camera.

The Preferred Option?

Digital video systems are quickly becoming the preferred option with consumers. Why? There is nothing worse for someone who has just been burgled and upon checking the security video tape finds it is of poor quality. One of the biggest complaints with analog is the relatively short life span of it’s video tapes.

Outdoor Security Camera Pricing

Outdoor security cameras vary a lot in price. Obviously this depends a lot on the size of the property you want to cover but also some extra features will bump up the price of a camera.

You could effectively obtain excellent security coverage for between $100-$200 and there are some very good units on the market. Prices can range all the way up to over $1000. Some of the extra features which can push the price up include a pan and tilt zoom feature. You have got to decide if this is suitable for your situation.

Planning poorly can cost you big time either in frustration or suffering through a burglary. A poorly planned outdoor security camera system can mean vital areas aren’t being covered such as blind spots. Under protecting your property is another mistake. If you are going to the expense of installing security coverage and can afford it, then try to get even coverage throughout your property.

Choosing A Home Security Company


It seems like robberies and break-ins are in the paper or on the news all the time. You’re smart to be concerned about your own welfare and that of your family. You also want to protect your house and your belongings. For this reason, you may be considering buying a home security system or a burglar alarm.

There are do-it-yourself systems and there are professionally installed systems. Most DIY systems aren’t worth a lot, because they’re easy for burglars to thwart, and they aren’t monitored (if someone breaks in, you won’t know until after all your stuff is gone). Oh, you can install timers for your lights, motion sensors for your yard, and upgraded locks for your doors and windows, but if you want to feel truly secure, you may feel safest investing in a monitored home security system.

Monitored systems are installed and watched by professional security companies. When the alarm is tripped they’ll send someone over to investigate or call the police, depending on the plan you sign up for. They’ll also help you maintain your system year in and year out.

As you might have guessed, they’re going to charge you for this. Expect to pay an installation fee, which will cover the cost of the equipment and the labor to set it all up. You will also have to pay monthly fees as long as you want them to monitor your home. (One bonus is that this expenditure can actually lower your homeowner’s insurance, since many insurers will discount their premiums for more secure homes.)

Because installing a monitored alarm systems represents an ongoing investment, you want to make sure to find an alarm company you’ll be happy with. Let’s take a look at some tips:

–Choose a security system that will accommodate your lifestyle and protect your valuables.

–Ask friends, relatives, and neighbors for recommendations. You can also ask your insurance company for suggestions of reputable companies.

–Buy from a company that offers good customer service and technical support.

–Choose a company that is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

–Get written estimates from at least three companies before you decide on one (but keep in mind prices for security systems vary dependent on equipment features and the level of monitoring offered–compare systems to like systems).

–Find out whether or not the company screens employees before hiring them. You want trusted people installing your system, since they’ll have access to your passwords and security codes.

–Check to see if the company is licensed and is a member of the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association.

–Ask about guarantees and warrantees to see what’s available. Make sure you’re protected in case a piece of equipment malfunctions.

–Ask if the alarm systems have backups, including batteries in case the power goes out or radio in case the telephone lines are cut.

–Lastly, make sure to read the fine print of the contract. Find out if there is a cancellation policy (it’s not a good idea to get locked into a years-long contract–you may decide you’d be happier with another company after it’s too late to change without amassing fees).

For more information on Home Security Systems, visit the author’s site of Home Security Tips.

Residential Locksmith – The Best Way to Prevent a Thief from Entering Your Home


When it comes to preventing burglars from entering your home, the basics make the biggest difference. Learn how to secure your doors and windows with the help of a residential locksmith. In some cases, the best solution is also the most obvious one. It may sound obvious, but according to the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), 28 percent of the total burglaries committed in London in 2010 were no-force entries. This means that in more than a quarter of burglaries that year, the thieves simply opened an unlocked door or window and went straight in. The total burglaries in London in 2010 accounted for millions in lost property, and the average loss amounted to at least 1000 per victim. It’s worth noting that more than half the percentage of residential burglaries took place during the day. So what does all of this tell the typical homeowner about the typical thief? Firstly, it sends a message that most thieves prefer to work when no one is around. Since not all of us are privileged to quit jobs, get armed with a shotgun and lay all day, waiting for the burglar’s arrival, some steps need to be taken to reinforce our home’s defenses. There’s no better way to start than to call a Residential Locksmith. It’s a common fact that if a determined burglar wants to get inside your home, he or she will sooner or later. However, you can make it an uncomfortable and challenging experience for them. To do this, you have to think like an average criminal. Walk around your home and ‘survey the scene.’ Look for signs of weakness, where a thief could most easily gain entry. Begin with the locks of your home. It’s recommended that your door have at least one deadbolt lock installed by a locksmith. Hampstead locksmiths, for instance, ideally use a double cylinder lock, one that needs a key on either side of the door. This is especially true with doors that have glass panes within three and a half feet of the door knob. In this situation, a thief can simply break the glass and reach in to unlock the deadbolt, especially if it’s equipped with a turn knob instead of a keyhole. Since they can trap a person inside his or her burning home, in some areas, the use of double cylinder deadbolts violate the fire code and thus can’t be installed by a locksmith. Notting Hill locksmiths recommend replacing your glass-paned door with a solid one if double cylinders are unlawful in your part of town. Solid wooden doors with metal sheathing outside or solid metal doors, along with a peephole, are most favorable. However, keep in mind that your door is only as good as the frame that holds it. Acquiring a solid metal frame can make it harder for a burglar to kick your door frame right off the surrounding wall. Nevertheless, making your home an uneasy target for burglars doesn’t start and end with just simply locking your doors.

All About Pacific Beach Locksmiths


Quality of Service is the most imperative thing when it comes to Pacific Beach locksmiths and security system. If you are thinking of getting it done, do it the correct way professionally by Pacific Beach locksmiths. If you have the job done the negative way, the family that lives in that home is in definite jeopardy and the family is not only in vulnerability of burglaries, but by the hands of the person who installed the locks if they are not granted the licensed as they often sell copies of the keys to burglars and then get paid when the thievery is successful. You absolutely cannot be too cautious when it comes to safety and when a job is perfectly done by Pacific Beach locksmiths you should not be able to tell that anything was repaired judging from its appearance. That is high difference between a professional Pacific Beach locksmith and your friendly neighborhood convenient handy man.

There are a numerous of vocational and trade schools that offer classes and certification for various crafts of expertise and these schools offer classes for individuals that are interested to be electricians, mechanics, plumbers, or even pacific beach locksmiths. The aforementioned pacific beach locksmith industry is a growing style for young adults. There are plenty of situations to seek the help of a pacific beach locksmith:

Keys will get lost, certain tenants will move out without returning their keys causing a lock change is needed, anyone who has served in the house then who has left for good without giving the keys, anyone who has stayed in the house as paying guest may leaves forgetting to hand over the keys, or if a misfortunate individual locks themselves on the other side of their house or car, these all and all calls for the services of a Pacific Beach locksmith.

All pacific Beach Locksmiths provide speedy, trustable, professional 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith services at extremely competitive rates. Pacific Beach Locksmiths stand up to their workmanship, A100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. All Pacific Beach Locksmiths have a fully equipped machine shop that is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Pacific Beach Locksmiths service most major lock brands and associated door hardware, including the new brands which they do not sell.

If ever you are placed in one of these unforeseen unfortunate events, it is important to not dial the very first number listed in your local directory; rather, depending on the size of you should first ask for references for a trustworthy locksmith company and get a professional Pacific Beach locksmith for the job. In doing so you should specify the aimed work regardless whether it?s a door lock, car lock, lock out of the other side or other, and another hint for the type of services you may be requesting is the length of the time that it takes for a Pacific Beach locksmith to reach. It is very vital that the Pacific beach locksmith company that you employed for the job only employs certified locksmiths too.

Things To Be Aware Of When Purchasing House Alarm Systems


House alarm systems are considered to be important parts of a house, especially for those who live in a not-so secure neighbourhood. They work best to provide security and peace of mind for people who work far from their houses, or from those whose houses are located far from neighbouring homes.

House alarm systems will only work effectively once all conditions are met. First of all, you have to choose the best home security company from the ones available in the industry. You can check the Internet for recommendations and testimonials coming from the customers of these particular house alarm systems. You can also ask your friends or relatives for recommendations regarding the ones that they have tried. Remember that choosing the best ones, even if they prove to be more expensive, will be the most advantageous to you in the future.

Secondly, familiarize yourself with all the types of alarms. The most popular alarms would be the audible alarms. They are the ones that emit a loud siren or bell alarm once triggered. It is best to use when you have trustworthy and reliable neighbours, as they will be the ones to notify the police of the possible burglary once they hear the alarm. However, these B-Type systems are only second in priority when it comes to police services. This is due to the fact that they are unreliable, and the noise detected by the alarm may have just been caused breaking of glass or false sighting of suspicious people.

For a more reliable type, you can choose the monitoring system. This is considered an A-type alarm, meaning that it tops the list of police service priority because of its accuracy and reliability. These house alarm systems rely on a private security station, which calls the police immediately once suspicious movements and intrusions from outside forces are detected. They cost more than the B-Type alarms, but the security they give will be worth the investment.

Lastly, decide on the location where you will put the control panels and keypads. It is ideal to place the control panels in the front doors or inside the bedroom. This way, it will be easier for you to switch the alarm systems on and off, and it will be easier to control the panels. Determine the distance between the doors, windows and the control panel, so you?d be able to get an idea about the length of the wires that you will use to connect the systems together.

For additional information regarding the best house alarm systems, you can visit our site below: