Month: February 2020

Multiple Camera Hidden Digital Video Recorders


Crime is on the rise or so it seems. Whether you are operating your own business or just want to insure the safety of your own home, you may want to think long and hard about using hidden digital video recorders to keep an eye on things. If your business or home is fairly large, you know that you may need to have several hidden digital video recorders operating all at the same time. Fortunately, there are several models of hidden digital video recorders that can operate numerous security cameras all at the same time.

One unit in particular, allows you to connect up to eight cameras and has eight alarm inputs. The great part is that all eight cameras can be viewed on one monitor, so you don?t have to go broke building a wall of monitors to handle the job. Once an alarm goes off, the switcher will lock onto the camera covering the area where the alarm went off. And if more than one alarm sounds, it will switch automatically between the affected areas. You can also manually excluded unaffected cameras or lock the affected cameras so that you have a constant view of the trouble spot.

There is also a nine camera version of these hidden digital video recorders that allows you to change setting from one, two, four or eight camera viewing, too. The system adjusts to your needs regardless of how many hidden digital video recorders you are using. Then if you need to expand your system, you don?t have to worry about purchasing another system, you are ready to go for up to nine cameras.