Monitoring Your Home While On Vacation With A Video Surveillance System


Summer time is here in full force and families across America are taking the time during the school break to vacation at their favorite destinations. Often these vacations involve an extended week or two week stay at the beach, in the mountains, taking a cruise, or visiting some exotic location. With vacations bring stress of worrying about whether your home and valuables are safe.

One home security company has recently launched a new product that can significantly reduce the worry over your home allowing you to enjoy every aspect of your vacation whether it is sitting in the sun, jet skiing off the coast of Florida, fishing off the coast of Maine, or bird watching in Yellowstone Park. Many of America?s hotels have provided their customers with wireless Internet capabilities and computers to use in their common areas. If you can get Internet access, you can check on your home at any time with this video surveillance system. It?s the home security system that you can monitor and administer from anywhere in the world.

ADT is one of the leading providers of home security solutions. It has home security products in millions of homes across the world. This company has continued to remain on the cutting edge of security solutions for homes and businesses. Their home security product has integrated the pet-immune motion detectors, cellular communication capabilities, and wireless components for easy integration in any home. A video surveillance system for the home was a natural progression of their home security solutions.

ADT Safewatch VideoView Home Security Surveillance Equipment is filled with features that will be of interest to home users. This security system can be used with up to 12 cameras which can be placed inside the home or outdoors to give you complete coverage. ADT has also included an optional DVR package which can be used to record video footage from your home for replay at a later time. The benefit of a DVR recorder is that video can be played for authorities if someone has been wandering around your home or inside the home. It can help police to identify intruders quickly and easily.

All of the videos taken from your home are available on a web-based site that can be viewed from a computer, a cellular phone or a PDA which makes it the perfect choice to protect your home while you are vacationing. Video surveillance is considered the top deterrent in home security options. Using the web you can see what is currently happening at your home or replay video from an earlier time. With the digital video recorder capabilities you can record up to 30 days of video coverage.

Going on vacation should be a fun experience combined with relaxation and a peace of mind that your home will be safe while you are away. Thanks to ADT Safewatch VideoView you can now enjoy a worry free vacation.

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