How To Make A Safe Room


The terms safe room and panic room are used interchangeably. This is a secure room that provides safety for families in case of burglary, terrorist attacks and other mishaps and threats. A safe room can be a good investment. A safe room can have very heavy security as found in wealthy family homes. Those who have wealth can afford to spend thousands on safe rooms.

A safe room is a place where people can go and hide or summon for help in case of an emergency. This room does not need steel doors or walls, but a good strong door and fortified walls should be available. Doors can be of wood or metal but the material should be difficult to destroy. The door jam should be steel for extra protection from the door being kicked in.

Make sure that the safe room does not have any windows. Burglars can easily enter the home through windows. Keep a telephone in this room along with food and water as well as medical supplies.

You?ll never know how long you need to stay in the safe room in case of an emergency. Take into consideration lighting and ventilation as well as personal hygiene. Keep personal hygiene supplies on hand in this room.

Burglaries are the main reason people invest in safe rooms. Even the best areas to live in are susceptible to crime. Burglaries and robberies can happen anywhere at any time.

Take your family to the safe room when the situation arises. Make sure the family members know where it is. Teach your children about this room and what it is used for. This is not a play room and should never be used this way. It is only for emergencies and for a safe place to hide in case of danger.

When using a safe room make sure to keep the keys with you at all times. The last thing you want is for someone to get the keys and find where you are hiding. This can pose a serious safety risk and possibly even physical harm done by the culprit. Call the police from this room and wait in your safe room until help arrives at your home. Do not leave the room until police arrive at your home.

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