What You Need In An Outdoor Security Camera For Maximum Coverage


There are several important aspects you must consider before buying an outdoor security camera. Of utmost importance is the planning stage; how much area do you intend to cover and which areas are less likely to require monitoring.

Weather resistance is another vital factor in security camera systems. Most aren’t designed to withstand severe extremes in weather therefore pick the wrong type of camera and it could be like sending money down the drain.

– SSC-44B is a well priced unit with a host of features and specially designed for outdoor surveillance. It’s weatherproof features make it ideal for areas which may experience both spectrums of the weather scale. Features include:

– a digital still-frame imaging system
– passive infra red detector(PIR) motion sensor
– it has a invisible infrared illuminator built in
– is easy to use and set up

This unit comes attractively priced, around $350 without a monitor and is worth pursuing particularly if you don’t have a lot of experience with security cameras.

The Day/Night outdoor security camera from Smart Home has attracted a lot of interest. For starters, it’s designed for outdoor use so it will resist the elements with it’s corrosion resistant metal housing and sunshade housing.

It’s ability to provide high resolution pictures during the day in color and then revert to black and white when light is low combined with it’s effectiveness in low light areas make it ideal for outdoor surveillance. This camera unit can connect to either a TV or VCR and is perfect for a domestic home or business. It’s capacity to see up to 25 feet in night conditions is another feature. It’s very attractively priced at under $200.

Did You Know?

Outdoor security cameras have come a long way. Formerly with no iris control, nowadays cameras have progressed to the stage where they are fitted with a feature that acts like an iris and can control how much light enters the camera.

The Preferred Option?

Digital video systems are quickly becoming the preferred option with consumers. Why? There is nothing worse for someone who has just been burgled and upon checking the security video tape finds it is of poor quality. One of the biggest complaints with analog is the relatively short life span of it’s video tapes.

Outdoor Security Camera Pricing

Outdoor security cameras vary a lot in price. Obviously this depends a lot on the size of the property you want to cover but also some extra features will bump up the price of a camera.

You could effectively obtain excellent security coverage for between $100-$200 and there are some very good units on the market. Prices can range all the way up to over $1000. Some of the extra features which can push the price up include a pan and tilt zoom feature. You have got to decide if this is suitable for your situation.

Planning poorly can cost you big time either in frustration or suffering through a burglary. A poorly planned outdoor security camera system can mean vital areas aren’t being covered such as blind spots. Under protecting your property is another mistake. If you are going to the expense of installing security coverage and can afford it, then try to get even coverage throughout your property.

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